Exercise for Managing Your Cholesterol


What has happened to the days of taking our cholesterol readings daily and watching the amount of cholesterol in our blood. These days people do not care if they have high cholesterol and it does not matter if they take pills to lower it. I know for myself that I would not care if I had high cholesterol, but I do care if I have low cholesterol. You see, too many of us do not understand how to manage our cholesterol. It is better to be in the low range than the high range. The most basic idea of managing cholesterol is to exercise. Exercise brings down your cholesterol and it also reduces your blood pressure. Lowering your cholesterol and reducing your blood pressure helps you manage your blood cholesterol and also reduce your risk for stroke. Exercise also improves your blood lipid. These two combined work together to regulate your blood pressure and cholesterol levels. If you exercise and choose the right foods that contain essential fatty acids you will bring down your blood chole